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The Agricultural Vocational School Hollabrunn

  • The school has a 111-years tradition. It resides in a 30-years building that will be renovated within the next 5 years. Its estate also embraces a sports area, a stable, halls for all the technical equipment including agricultural machines, areas for practical training, an area for the students of pet keeping, fields and vineyards.


  • The school prepares specialists for practice in various fields of agriculture, of pet keeping and of home economics. Therefore, special subjects have been created, such as crop production, breeding, agricultural engineering, forestry, maintenance of aquariums and terrariums, veterinarian studies, ethology of pets, nutrition science, horticulture, service, cooking, child care, health training and herbal studies.


  • In addition, the school enables the students to gain knowledge from various fields of social life (economics, education, business, etc.). There are Junior Companies installed at our school. To prepare the students for their future work, they attend in practical trainings on the areas of the school and in professional workplaces and companies. There is an obligatory workplacement between the second and the third year.


  • Our school prepares the active participation in various projects, including exchanges with other European schools and programs (e.g. Erasmus +).


Our school offers its studens and visitors

  • accomodation possibilities
  • full board in the school canteen
  • various free-time activities (e.g. sports hall)
  • its own driving school (tractor)
  • Junior Companies including the possibility to buy their products
  • students’ and teachers’ exchanges with other European schools
  • school leaving examinations and the resultant certificates